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Secret Moment by Koyuusuke
Secret Moment
Misaki licks Ritsu's neck and opens his shirt - Ritsu moans and shakes

"Misaki..! What are you doing there....!? --hah!" Misaki blushes and sucks his skin

"...I am still young.... I want to also experience others' bodies...! D-don't tell anyone..."
Ritsu feels that Misaki is sitting on his harder getting downpart

"...Ah! N-no..I... I won't tell...anyone...!" 

Therefore I enjoy it way too much....hah...!

bear drool emoji [I was just a little bit sick of the usual Seme X Uke scene, so BAM! Uke X Uke! Bear Emoji-03 (Love) [V1] bear heart emoji  xDD I find it way hotter! Bear Emoji-23 (Laughing Hard) [V1] ]
Black Magician Private
I saw sooo many fanservice draws about the Magician Girl but I find it sad that there is so less about the Black Magician! Dark Magician Avatar 

The Black Magician be like: "..Want to see a special magic trick I've learned?...." And suddenly his robe disappears - Of course he would be a little bit shy Chiyo Shy Icon Because it's his first time getting undressed Kao Emoji-08 (Kyaa Cute and Shy) [V1] 
Ayato Sleep Time by Koyuusuke
Ayato Sleep Time
Ayato sleeps inside his iron maiden! xDD That is how I imagine him sleeping inside the maiden in the known room of the REJET games Ayato Diabolik Lovers  Emoticon [First time trying to draw his iron maiden bed XD Damn that took some hours, carpet texture not mine]bear heart emoji 

Ayato's Sexy Smile Diabolik Lovers "..Wanna join me in my maiden..? Sorry, you have to wait, I'm still sleeping...nyahaha~"
The Hourglass of Time by Koyuusuke
The Hourglass of Time
Richter enters the silent church with no-one else inside except of his brother Karlheinz 

"....Ani-ue ... Brother... You can't rest again...? ..." and comes closer to him - Karlheinz turns around, also wearing his nightshirt

He softly laughs a bit "When I try to calm down, dear Richter, then I stay for some moments inside this vacant church - This church was built by humans' will and their belief to God... Is it not something quite beautiful... Especially these colourful windows.."

Richter turns around as the sun illuminates some pieces and reflects it to the church's inside "...Yes...I think so..."

Karlheinz keeps losing his thoughts while enjoying the warmth that he seems to feel .... 

He places his hand on his chest 

..I want to finally badly... But as long as the hourglass keeps on running... I will enjoy this moment... 

He grabs Richter's hand and lets him take a seat next to him

...I know that such a thing like Heaven does not exist for races like us... Nevertheless... I wish... Even we don't believe ... That even for us... after we die... a nice place will wait for us vampires..... When you are immortal... The life loses its' attractiveness..

Both keep on watching the shimmering glass pieces of the windows
Yao x Kiku - Ancient Make-Up by Koyuusuke
Yao x Kiku - Ancient Make-Up
China blushes "Nee--! Japan! Why did Germany want us to dress up like that?? He knows that it is one of our Chinese dynasty make-up for FEMALES, right?? S-so embarrassing..! But I still love our old history make-up! The women back then really looked different from today!" China (Happy) [V3]  Japan blushes even harder

"I-...I understand... I think... That Germany really likes Asian historic styles... At least we did not have to use the white powder Neri-Oshiroi - Back then in our history it contained really toxic ingredients such as lead and mercury. But still... the old styles make my heart trob a little, too..Such unique and beautiful style.." Kiku Honda -Japan- Answers [Hetalia Axis Power] 

China nods "Being a Geisha is a really hard job! You have to do many lessons to be able to entertain your mostly male guests and also do traditional dancing and music as well, aru ne!?" Japan nods "Hai, sou desu. So it is. When a woman starts the apprenticeship as a Geisha she begins as a Maiko..."

Japan and China continue talking about their ancient styles while Germany stalks behind the door.... Wunderschön ..So beautiful..Germany (Shy) [V5] 
Kakeru V Icon Currently listening to ORANGE OP - Hikari no Hahen and Ending - Kobukuro and gets DEM FEELS Suwa and Kakeru Icon 
On Land by Koyuusuke
On Land
Haruka follows his instinct and swims to the shore ...THERE!!Haru Irritated Icon  As fast as he can he swims along the waves, grabbing Rin and holding him up "Rin! RIN! Oi, Rin!" Rin slowly opens his eyes and mumbles "..Haru...You found me...The sun got pretty hot..."

Haruka notices a red marking on Rin's chest "...What happened to you?" Rin softly smiles "I think a jellyfish accidently touched me... And before I realized it... I got unconscious and woke up in your arms..."Rin Matsuoka (Tsk) [V2] 

Haruka smiles as well "When I found your necklace in the depths...I was so scared something had happened to you .. Rin looks at the necklace Haruka holds in his hand  "..Ah...I lost it...I didn't notice..-- --Thank you, Haru...You mean a lot to me...I actually thought I'm gonna die without seeing you the last time..!" Rin cry 2 icon   "..Rin..." haruka nanase smile "..Let's go back first... We talk on the way..."

And Haruka slowly lets Rin's body dive back into the waving water until they both disappear from the surface..

[If you are interested in using my selfmade BG, just credit me please!]
Underwater by Koyuusuke
..Wait! Is that not --...Rin's necklace!? Haruka immediately swims after the fast sinking necklace before it disappears into the depths - His hand grabs after it and finally catches it hectically ...
...Why is it suddenly swimming here... Is Rin in danger? He would never lose the necklace I made for him... Haruka Nanase (Surprised) [V1] 

[If you are interested in using my selfmade background, just credit me please!]

Heart divider The following picture~Heart divider…

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